What is GexPay?

1. Modern independent payment system

2. Electronic wallet for FIAT and Crypto currencies

3. Instant payments and receipt of money in different currencies.

4. Face to Face payments w/ QR codes

5. Sending money by popular chating apps (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, iMessage…)

6. Instant Currency exchange

7. Currency Exchange user biding

8. Existing bank account integration (based on PSD2 protocol)

9. Integration of your VISA/MasterCard for in-store payments

10. Grouping payment by categories, more control over expensies

11. Payments in restaurants, hotels, taxis between people and so on

What brings GexPay to Business Owners?

1. Referral marketing

2. Loyalty program for returning clients

3. Community shopping and cash back

4. Printed vouchers for food, clothing and various forms of employee compensation

5. Identify your products and services by QR codes for direct shopping

6. No need POS terminal, mobile phone replaces POS terminal

7. Business page included in web and mobile application

8. Electronic shop payment gateway plugin for existing e-shops

9. Integration API (for example SAP integration)

10. White labeling for VIP clientss

11. Direct connection w/ customers by chat or messages



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GexPay is member of Slovak Fintech Association