Make payments simple and fast on your mobile.

GexPay is a unique mobile payment system.

Pay without cash or cards from your mobile phone. All those plastic cards and paper receipts overload your wallet. Send or request money instantly – straight from your bank account to your smartphone.

Pay in shops or online from your personal account – with just your phone. The ideal way to move money.

Mobile payments are convenient for users because they take advantage of technology that is always with them: their mobile phones. Instead of cash and credit cards, mobile payments allow customers to use a mobile device, which they carry everywhere, to pay for goods and services.

GexPay mobile Payment Solution provides an alternative cashless, cardless and contactless payment choice for customers as well as an attractive, cost-efficient option for banks and merchants.

Real-time payment done by mobile phone is the future of daily banking and payment life. Simplify your life and life of your employees by using GexPay solution right now !

GexPay main advantages:


  • Quick and easy payment
  • High penetration of supported smartphones equipped by display and camera (no NFC, or BLE is required )
  • Independent of SIM card and telecom provider
  • Independent of plastic Prepaid, Debit or Credit Card
  • No network is required on payer side in the moment of payment
  • Without identification of the recipient
  • Payer define the amount
  • Low cost and high secure payments
  • Easy integration into vending machines
  • Time and money savings
  • Free mobile app (Android, iPhone, Windows)
  • Positive environmental impact